Praying in the Spirit – Day 23

Today’s Prayer was the most fulfilling time since the past 22 days. I started praying at 4:30am with worship and within 30mins i would say a spirit of prayer seemed to overtake me and i was fully engrossed in the prayers. I tell you the truth, when the grace to pray comes on you, praying becomes so easy and time seems to fly. Indeed I did not want the time to end. I am still looking forward to a glorious move of God’s power in our days. I believe that God wants to do great things and all that remains is for us to be willing to let God do what God wants to do.

I posted an article on the role of planning and determination in being successful. Click on the link to read it. I think some people would find it useful.

Spent most of the early part of the day counseling church members and responding to e-mails. I have another meeting with a Christian brother at 7:30pm today.

I know it Valentine’s day. Well for us (Olu and I), everyday is a day of love. We don’t do anything special on Valentine’s day. We don’t have anything against those who do but really I am not too amused with young teenagers 13 – 15 going around in pairs breaking each others hearts and setting themselves up for lust thinking they are in love. In my opinion St Valentine’s day should be like Christmas – sharing of gifts with friends and family and not what it has become. I agree that many people still do the right things, but millions of young girls and boys are put under the pressure of lust today more than any other day. Not that the pressure is ever off ( lust is everywhere these days), but the pressure is taken a notch higher on valentine’s day.

Keep loving with all your heart – That’s the only way to love.

Author: Ade

A passionate follower of Jesus Christ, husband of a beautiful wife, father of two boys, and a pastor of a very loving church family. I love to play around with websites, blogs and also love reading.