Praying in the Spirit Day 28

The prayers today did not feel as powerful as yesterday’s, but I know that some things were settled in the spirit. One thing I have been learning over the years is that spiritual things don’t always work by feelings. Sometimes you feel as if nothing was done and you hear great testimonies from the people who have been blessed and at other times you feel so great and not so many testimonies. I have learnt and I am still learning not to depend on feelings to evaluate spiritual things. Instead, I just trust the Lord to do what He would do. This is true especially when I minister to people. If you get into the habit of judging your ministry or spiritual service by your feelings or even other people’s feelings you will discover that you may be depressed sometimes while God is doing great things and at other times you may be excited even though you have not done all that could have been done. So what do you do? Do your best in preparing and in prayers and trust that the Holy Spirit will use whatever you do to achieve the purpose of God.

The temptation to operate by feelings can be strong. You may not feel like praying, you may not feel like reading your Bible. This happens to me many times. I simply go ahead to do what I know I should be doing and most times, the feelings come while I am in the process. During this 30 days challenge, there were days that I did not feel like praying and for the first hour it felt like I was wasting my time, but as I continued in faith, things changed, the feelings came. And even on those days that the feelings never came, I know that I communicated with my father and edified myself. Praise God.

Let’s keep growing in the grace of God. Yesterday I Listened to a sermon by Bro Gbile Akanni on the inner life of a preacher. I was touched by the first point he made, that no preacher is qualified to preach. It is simply a gift of grace. Yes I agree and it seems to confirm what I have been saying in my previous posts, that I am discovering more and more that, God chooses to bless the works of our ministry not because of anything we do, but because He chooses to do so. I have noticed that I cannot greatly influence the outcome of my ministry, but I can make sure that I operate at the maximum within the level that God has chosen for me at this time. Also I can totally mess up the work and have little or no results. What do we do then? Do your best and leave the rest to God.

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Author: Ade

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