Praying in the Spirit – Days 16 and 17

Yesterday was the toughest day to pray so far. I was only able to spend 2hrs because I was so sleepy and I was not making progress. I made up for it during the day however. The day ended up being a day of prayers and study and because of that, I found new zeal to pray this morning from 3.00am – 6.00am and I did not want to stop at the end of the prayer time.

The Lord has been showing me how impossible it is for me to win souls by my strength or even keep the members of the church by my strength. I sometimes get tempted to be discouraged when I do not see some people coming to church anymore or when people that I care so much for and have spent so much time praying for seem not to understand the basic principles. But the Lord encouraged me with the truth that He is the one in charge of saving the people and keeping them. My duty is to pray and to obey. More and more I am trusting the Lord more because I am trusting myself less.

I do not mean that I am becoming weaker or less confident, what I mean is that I am seeing with more clarity that it takes God’s power to do the simplest of God’s work and anybody can do a great job of God’s work if they are called by God and they learn to obey simple instructions. So in actual fact I am becoming more confident in God.

The song “All Day” by Hillsong has ministered to me strongly this week because that is exactly what the Lord is saying to me on a totally higher level than before. I think we would sing it at church on Suday by God’s grace. Another of my classmate promised to visit the church this month. It is amazing how God works when we get out of the way and allow Him to move.

All Day
by Hillsong United
album: More Than Life (2004)

Verse 1:
I don’t care what they say about me
It’s all right, all right
I don’t care they think about me
It’s all right, they’ll get it one day

I love you, I’ll follow you
You are my, my life
I will read my Bible and pray
I will follow you all day

Verse 2:
I don’t care what it costs anymore
Cos’ you gave it all and I’m following you
I don’t care what it takes anymore
No matter what happens I’m going your way


All Day
All Day now
All Day
I’ll follow You

Verse 1



Anyone around can see
just how good you’ve been to me
For all my friends that don’t know you
I pray that you would save them too


I have been reading the dairy of David Brainard. Powerful Book. I want God to use me to the full.

Author: Ade

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