Remembering my mom – Oluremi Sobanjo

My beautiful mom - Oluremi Sobanjo
My beautiful mom – Oluremi Sobanjo

She was 40yrs old when she left this world (August 1, 1986)!
I am 40 years old this year.
I am grateful to God that I am her son.
She was with me just for 11yrs.
Others have contributed in raising me
But she was the first to care for me
I am part of her and she lives on through me
You will never be forgotten.

I have learnt that life is short so I make sure to love and show love to the people around me.

I believe that loving fully from your heart is the way that God designed us to be. We were created in His image and the bible says that God is Love!

Author: Ade

A passionate follower of Jesus Christ, husband of a beautiful wife, father of two boys, and a pastor of a very loving church family. I love to play around with websites, blogs and also love reading.

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