Start Small, Stay Steady, Finish Strong!

start smallWhen it comes to accomplishing your goals, this is a motto that has helped me over the years! You should have really big goals. The type that you need other people and God to help you accomplish. Don’t be afraid to have goals that even no one you know has done before. If you find a problem that needs to be solved and you have a strong desire and conviction that it can be done, then I would suggest that you write it down as a goal. I believe that one of the ways that God, leads us is through inner convictions so if you have this conviction all that is left is to Take Action.

Once the goal is written, start small by taking small steps everyday towards your goal, stay steady by doing something everyday no matter how small. It could be as small as reading one more article about your project, getting a list of contacts or even sharing your vision with a mentor – Just do something every day and if you keep going you will finish strong.

Take that next step today – Please share your thoughts. I love to read from you.

8 thoughts on “Start Small, Stay Steady, Finish Strong!”

  1. Great post! I must say that as a younger person I had this down pat.. small, steady , strong.. but with the life of family and a JOB, the need for the goals.. seemed to elude me!! Now I am back on track and planning on getting some goals accomplished!!

    1. Thanks Holly, It’s so easy to get carried way with “life”. We get many things done however goals are what helps us know we are not just going in circles. When I talk about goals, it’s important to remember that the long term goals come first!

  2. Starting small is fine. I normally put a plan together and build upon it so it has sturdy foundation, especially when it involves consulting and helping other business owners. It works best for everyone as the business owner learns how to run their business without confusion and are confident to make small changes to better their business.

    Great advice.

  3. Hi Ade,
    awesome suggestions!
    Starting small” makes a lot of sense to me.
    A friend once said that success builds on success. So when we start small we can get a feeling on success which then inspires us to do more.
    “Staying steady”, yes, consistency does have a lot to ‘answer for’.
    And wouldn’t it be nice to “finish strong”?

    Thank you so much for sharing your insights!
    Love the image you made!

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