Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish and More days 7&8/38

Weekend – So I have decided that I will always combine my Saturday and Sunday posts into one post because of how busy weekends are for me.

Scriptures – 1kings 8 and 9 – The Glory of God is something we take for granted. Reading about the glory of God at the dedication of the temple has made me to renew my desire for God’s manifest glory to  rest on me. Isn’t it wonderful to know that we can carry the glory of God on us, just like Moses did after spending time on the mountain with God. Spending time in prayer leaves us with a manifestation of God’s glory on our lives. In my experience, one’s face seems to “shine” or people seem to recognize that there is something special, holy or honorable about the one who is frequent in the closet with the Father.

Activities – Yesterday (Sat) after the men’s breakfast we went with a few men to help paint a woman’s house. Although she is not a member of our church family, one of our members rents from her and she does not have enough funds to paint her house. It was my first time of going on a ladder scrapping and painting a house on the outside. It was a fun time for us all.

Mas working away!
Mas working away!

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish (Steve Jobs) – I listened to this speech by Late Apple Co-founder Steve Jobs and I was inspired by the stories he shared. It is really important to ask oneself regularly if you will continue to do what you are doing if today were your last day. It’s becoming more and more apparent that there are many more ways of acquiring knowledge other than the traditional College or University.


Sunday – Today I spoke about Practical steps to take to build a Kingdom focus Family that will continue for many generations. It is titled – Am I my brother’s keeper?


Here are some of the steps

  • Have a daily time of Bible Reading, discussion and prayer
  • Parents (Fathers / Mothers) – Take responsibility for the spiritual temperature of your home
  • Seize every teachable moment to explain the details about who Jesus is to you!
  • Use your times together to discover the condition of your family members hearts. (Dinner together)
  • Have a Kingdom Focused vision for your family
  • DO NOT BE A HYPOCRITE and resist every form of hypocrisy.
  • Work with your family to prayerfully share the Gospel of the kingdom with friends, neighbors and the extended family!
  • Encourage every member of the family to pray at every prayer time
  • Pay God’s Tithe and teach your children to give 10% of the money you give them to God.
  • Continue to be opened for the filling of the Holy Spirit and don’t pretend that you are filled until you see the signs of God’s grace to win others for Christ upon your life.

Prayer – Dear Father, I am happy to be your son. I receive grace for Olu and I and the boys to continuously serve you all the days of our lives, and to share your love with the next generation. Help us to develop a habit and discipline of spending time with you and may you Glory rest on us and bless those around in the name of Jesus.

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