Success follows Wisdom – Excuses people give for not pursuing their dreams!

It’s easy to wish for success, to dream about becoming rich, to dream about being famous and about being loved! However it’s never easy to translate the dream into reality! I believe that any true dream can be turned into reality if the dreamer is willing to have the world view or philosophy of life that will support the dream (WISDOM). In this post, I highlight some excuses that many people give that hinders them from turning their dreams into reality!

1) It’s not easy to succeed in this city

There is no city where you cannot succeed! There are rich people in every city, someone is always that person that owns lots of real estate in that small town! In the city where I live in Canada, just one family owns all the Tim Horton’s franchises in town! While others are complaining that the city is small, someone is making a fortune!

2) I don’t have enough money to do a big business 

It’s not money you need! It’s a good idea! If you come up with a fantastic idea, there are people who are willing to fund your project! There are also many business ideas that don’t require a large cost to start. Stop giving excuses! If you have an idea that you think is great, start small and open you mouth wide! If the idea is really good, you will soon find an investor!

goal3) I am not educated enough

Many of the rich people around the world do not have lots of formal education! You can learn what you need to know and start walking towards your dream! Even if you are not educated enough at this time, what stops you from learning and moving towards your dream?

4) I have failed too many times

If you have failed many times it shows that you have been making attempts at fulfilling your dream! It means that you are still dreaming, you are actually in a good place! Now don’t stop! You are in good company because many of the great people around failed many times before becoming successful. You also failed many times before you became successful at walking! Imagine if you stopped trying to walk after falling a few times!

5) The world is a terrible place

Yes terrible things happen in the world! Good things are happen as well. You can choose to focus on the negative or on the positive! Those who choose to focus on the negative, loose energy, perspective, and wisdom to navigate life and as such the suffer more of the negative! Those who focus on the positive are encouraged to live, they get new ideas and continue to see good things happen. When they encounter the terrible aspect to the world, they already have too many good things to give up and as such they bounce back so much easier and faster! I am not proposing that you pretend that there is no evil in the world. All I am saying is that if you choose to spend more time on the good, you will be in a better position to handle the evil when it comes to attack you!

6) Money is not everything

Yes you are right, but it can make a big difference in the amount of good you are able to do! Imagine how easy it will be to help a single mother who is about to loose her home not because of carelessness but just because of events that worked against her if you have a few hundreds of thousands in your account as opposed to if you barely balance your budget! Let’s face facts, having lots of money is a good thing if you have a good heart. Stop pretending that you don’t want money; simply choose not to allow the money control your decisions! It’s true that money is not everything but it affects a lot of things. If you have your priorities right, you will enjoy having lots of money to give out. How would you like to have $100, 000 to give away every year?

7) I am too old or too young

Stop right there! There are young people who have made lots of money and lots of impact! A simple example is the million dollar webpage! There are also older people who started out after retirement – One example is KFC!

What is your excuse?

No matter what you come up with, you can be sure it’s just an excuse, there are many people in similar or worse situation who have succeeded in fulfilling their dreams! You can be one of them too!  All you need is a change of your philosophy of life! You need to stop seeing the reasons why you can’t and begin to search for the reason why you can! Actually you can even begin to see the numerous reasons why you cannot fail!

In my work, I always come across people with great potentials, great skills, fantastic dreams who are living far below their potentials! They seem not to know how to turn their dreams into a reality! I have been blessed to succeed at a number of things in my life and I am constantly taking steps towards realizing my dreams!  With this in mind, I have designed a webinar where I intend to present some practical steps that anyone must take to turn their dreams into a reality! If you find that you have a particular project that you want to execute or you are finding it hard to see your dreams coming true, then you will really appreciate my Wisdom Webinar. It’s free but I only have 100 seats available. Reserve you seat today!

Please share your thoughts

What excuses have you overcome as you have tried to achieve your dreams? What made the difference?

11 thoughts on “Success follows Wisdom – Excuses people give for not pursuing their dreams!”

  1. Ade,
    Your post is very interesting… and well detailed.. thanks for sharing.

    Yes, we all have excuses and most of then are just “excuses” because if we would use the effort to make excuses we would do what we need to do to reach our goals, it would be much easier for us.

    Yes again, we have so may dreams, and we dream day after day.. but most times the dreams do not materialize or as you say, they do not come true because we do not go for them and we just make excuses.

    Your examples made a lot of sense… I liked to read them and make certain I never use them my self again(I say again because yes, I used my self many times in the past.

    When I read “However it’s never easy to translate the dream into reality!” I say ti my self this guy know what he is talking about, he must have some experience in this and it is nice to read true stories.

    Thanks so much for sharing your “wisdom”.

  2. Yep these are all familiar! I have always lived by the Earl Nightingale adage that “we become what we think about” so I have done my best to only think the best in every situation. I am still fighting with the money conversation because I don’t yet have $100,000 to give away every month!!

  3. This is a very clearly written post. Like many others I have also tried to keep my mind on achieving my goals. My major excuse these days (because of my busy work schedule) is that there is no time. The way I am able to walk around this is to keep a to do list and constantly do a mental check to see how important and urgent a task is in comparison with my life goals.
    In order words, any task that will help me achieve my goals are priorities and that’s what’s I make time for.

  4. This is my first time visiting and you have a very nice blog! Ah … excuses are everywhere… most of them are just fabrications of your thoughts that aren’t true, when you start to believe them.. look out. The biggest excuse I had was when I stated to lost my eyesight I thought I couldn’t do to mush, but I have gone way beyond.. I do things now that I thought I would never do … blowing off the excuses makes you stroner, wiser, and more apt to succeed in what ever you do …

      1. Hi Ade,
        It was a choice … stay on the pity pot or move forward. So I accepted my situation and learned new skills that didn’t require vision acuity – like teaching. I’ve been teaching for over 15 years now and love it .. 🙂

  5. I laughed out loud when I read Kathy’s comment about not having $100,000 to give away yet – but I think she’s on the right track when she says “we become what we think about.” Working to realize your dream can be a leap of faith – we’re all insecure – so the first step is to move past your own insecurity

  6. Ade –

    Great article and so fascinating to read your post today. I was just writing an article on the fear that holds us back from creating a strong and powerful personal brand.

    Fear goes hand-in-hand with the excuses you mentioned. They’re all tied up together in what turns us into a big hot mess. One that is leaning on excuses rather than leaning into possibility.

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