10 Wisdom Principles that will guarantee Success

There are certain principles that if followed will guarantee success! By Success I mean a balanced joyful life. A person is successful when they are living the life they were designed to live. When you have more than enough resources for yourself and your family, when you are full of joy and are taking good care of your health, when the people around you love you and are inspired by you, when you have hope that your future is secured, then you are successful.

Lots of people have spoken and written books on the principles of success. I am only listing some of those that I have applied and continue to apply in my life! I summarize them all as seeking wisdom!

1- Have a clear vision of where your life is headed! – See it like a movie. I use an exercise called interviewing the older you to capture this clear vision. You should speak to yourself as if you are already this person. Write the vision and write your ideas!

2 – Be Consistent –  A clear vision helps you to be focused and as such you will be able to apply yourself to the same tasks or goals over a longer period of time and develop expertise! Consistently follow the plan you develop to realize your vision.

3 – Follow your inner directions – Learn to trust that God can lead you! Sometimes you just have to operate by that “intuition”. You know that “something” that told you to stop for gas? Yes, that “something” should be listened to if you have learned to distinguish between the wise and the foolish “something”.

books4 – Always Improve -Let the you of today be better than the you of yesterday! Read, listen to podcasts, read this blog (~smile~), practice and more. Just get better and never stop trying to get better!

5- Have a coach or Mentor -Find someone who is already doing what you want to do! Follow them.

6 – Find people who are like minded, people with similar visions! Work with them.

7 – Be Generous/ Serve– Give all the time. Always look for opportunity to give time, money, help to people around you. Let your work and life be more about giving than receiving. You’ll get much more that way than you need anyway! Be ready to serve people, inspire them. Let your life be an example.

8 – Love People – Yes learn to want the best for everyone around you! Forgive those that have hurt you! Choose never to keep any negative feeling over night. Let it always end before you sleep!

9 – Learn to speak your vision – Think and read and develop your vision until all you can say is your vision. Live in your vision and act always in the direction of that vision. Say it to yourself always! I am ……. (Whatever your vision is) Not what you see now.

10 – Connect with God – Remember that you where designed for a purpose! Believe that God who made you is ready to support you and all you need is available. Let this truth give you great confidence in your ability by God’s help to accomplish whatever God put in your heart to do.

Wow, there are more that can come out of these! Here is what Brian Tracy has to say: Be the Best You: 7 Keys to a Positive Personality!

If you like this video, you can get more handpicked, organised motivational videos at Motivationalvideos.me. That’s where I found this one.

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Share some Wisdom

I know you can add some more to this list! What is one principle that continues to help you succeed? Please share and lets all learn from you! Use the comment box below!


Words of wisdom about what to do with your stuff

Wisdom inspires appropriate action – Here are some of the things to do to honor the Lord with your possessions (things we are learning to do)

  1. I thank the Lord for everything I have – I mention them one by one. My health, my beautiful and loving wife, my two boys, my church family, my joy and on an on as much as I have time for it.
  2. We (my wife and I) have “giving to others” on our budget – we need to improve on this but it is such a pleasure to have some money set aside to bless others.
  3. We give a minimum of 10% of our income to the local church – our church uses this to create an environment where other believers come together to praise the Lord and help others – What our church family does with the little we all contribute is such a joy to see.
  4. We give to other organisations that we believe in their vision
  5. We give at our level and challenge God to give us more so we can give more. It’s a joy to pray such prayers with so much confidence.
  6. I am also learning to enjoy what I have been given – never to feel bad for being blessed. To use my stuff with gratitude and be willing to pass it on to the next person. What a joy I am getting from learning this. An example of this is that as new clothes enter my wardrobe, some older ones must leave – Many of these new clothes are gifts from people who love and care about me.

The statement above does not stand alone!

Honor the Lord with your possessions,
And with the firstfruits of all your increase;
So your barns will be filled with plenty,
And your vats will overflow with new wine.

Proverbs 3: 9-10 (NKJV)

Although it challenges our natural way of thinking, it is actually a very wise instruction. Honor the Lord with your possessions! What does that really mean? How do you honor God? Why should you honor God with your possessions? How does honoring God with my possession help me? Here are some thoughts on these words of wisdom!

1) Honoring the Lord with your Possessions helps you remember that nothing really is yours to keep! Thinks of your life on earth as a visit! Everything you gather are only for the time you are visiting! You can’t take any of it with you beyond your journey here! When you choose therefore to honor the Lord with your possessions, what you discover is that your attachment to the possession becomes easier to break and the fear of loosing them is greatly reduced or at least it bears less on your heart.

2) To Honor the Lord with your possession is to use it for what pleases God! To use it in such a way that other people respect and honor God. When you do this, you find that you increase the motivation to get more so you can bring more honor. Your drive to get wealth becomes healthy and less burdensome. It’s no more to prove to your family, friends and ‘enemies’ that you are better than them. Rather it is so that you can be a blessing to others and as a result honor God with your possessions. God is love, whatever is done in love pleases God! When you use your possessions to show that you love all those around you, God is honored!

3) It is wisdom to do this because to honor someone is to appreciate them! To honor God is to thank God publicly for what you have. It is to give a portion towards the praise and propagation of the message of God! To help build the knowledge of God at church gatherings. To show and declare that all I have comes from God is to honor God with my possessions. If you are seeking wisdom, heed this instruction and I believe you will be richer and your wealth will bring you more joy than you can imagine. If there ever is a loss, it will not bring you much sorrow because you know that the wealth was never yours to keep in the first place.

4) To use your stuff with gratitude and to enjoy it is to honor God – Have you experienced the joy of giving a gift to your child and he or she loves it so much they tell everyone they meet for the next one month about the gift you gave them? And they use it everyday and all the time? We experienced a little of that recently when we got our boys their first bikes! Make some noise about what God gave you! Tell everyone and use it well but be willing to let it go to the next person when the time comes.

Okay this is a long post! What creative ways have you come up with to honor the Lord with your possessions! Drop a comment. I love reading them!

Do not be wise in your own eyes

“Do not be wise in your own eyes;..”

– Proverbs 3:7


wisdom - Prov 3:7

Do not think that you are wise because it will stop you from becoming wiser! The story is told of a wise teacher who pours tea for one of his potential students. He pours the tea until it begins to run over and flow to the table. After a short while the would be student could not take it any longer and spoke up “the cup is full master”. To which he got the response – As long as you are full of knowledge, you can not learn anything new! It is important that we approach life with the humility of a person who needs to learn. There are 3 things I do to remind me of this truth!

  1.  Listen – I tell myself often that speaking hardly adds to my knowledge and I encourage myself to listen twice as much as I speak – after all I have only one mouth and 2 ears.
  2. Respect – Everyone is better than you in one way or the other. I always remind myself of this daily; especially when meeting new people. With this in mind I begin to look out for this strength as I get to interact more with new contacts. Many times I am greatly blessed by the discovery and I am able to give genuine compliments.
  3. Ask Questions – It is not foolish to ask questions. I have often thought that I would make a fool of myself by making people think or know that I am not so knowledgeable about a topic. Although this can be true especially when you are being paid or referred to as an expert, but I have come to discover that you make a bigger fool of yourself if you act in ignorance.

Do not be wise in your own eyes – listen to these words of wisdom and ask questions, be attentive to learning and try to find out a better way to do what you are doing now! Keep learning there is always more to learn.

Till next time – keep seeking wisdom!

When wisdom enters your heart….


When wisdom enters your heart,
And knowledge is pleasant to your soul,
Discretion will preserve you;
Understanding will keep you,

Proverbs 2:10-11

Wisdom has to do a lot with discretion. Discerning between what is best and what is good, deciding when to act and when to wait. When to speak and when to be silent, what to say and what not to say, how to say what ought to be said. It has a lot to do with when to defend yourself and when to overlook a false statement about you. Scriptures tell us to seek for wisdom like a lost treasure and today we learn that it will give us discretion and understanding which in turn will reserve you and keep you! We all need discretion in our homes and a lot at work. A worker who exhibits discretion is highly valued. Who would not want to keep a worker who makes decision almost as good as his boss? Keep learning, keep reading, keep asking God for wisdom! Keep acting in as much wisdom as you have and it will grow!