The Revival at lakeland?

I found out about the revival in Lakeland simply by searching for Revival in Google 4 days ago. I cannot even remember what exactly I was searching for. I saw Lakeland revival and I decided to take a look at it. Needless to say that I was surprised to read that a 5 days meeting had extended to over 40days is being broadcasted live on I have been watching for one or two hours every night since then and I am so glad that this is happening.

I read some articles and listened to an interview of Todd Bently the Minister that is being used for the “revival”. From what I heard I believe that there is definitely a move of God in Lakeland, USA. It is too early at this time to simply say this is the revival we have been waiting for, but from the testimonies that are being shared every night we can give all the glory to God. It is so amazing to see that people can travel from all over the world to experience the power of God. I believe that there is a power that is drawing this people and the testimonies that people watching the meetings are sharing makes one just want to praise God.

My Prayers: I pray that the move of God will continue in Lakeland and that it will spread all over the world especially to Canada; Montreal in Particular. There are so many people suffering in this world. They need the power of God in their lives. We the children of God need to be on fire for God. We need to be ready to deliver the healing power of God to the millions who are sick and are in need of healing. I pray that the move of God will bring repentance and holiness to the church of God in America and to the rest of the world. I pray that this will not just be a healing revival, but healing followed by deep repentance and holiness.

My Pain: Each night as I have tuned in to view the meetings at Lakeland, I could not help but notice that many of the sick people that were being prayed for were Christians. They have been Christians for many years and yet their bodies were broken, many afflicted by terminal diseases and they really wanted to be healed. It’s painful because if we claim to be serving a living God, we should be also able to tap into His creative power, healing power and all-encompassing power to receive our breakthroughs. I must confess that I cannot boldly claim that I have a fail-proof formula for Christians to receive healing, but at the same time, I believe strongly that all we need to do as Christians is to know that Jesus is all the healing we need. I know that Jesus was not sick so we also can live without sickness. Oh Lord teach your church how to enjoy divine health. Teach me Lord. Amen.

Author: Ade

A passionate follower of Jesus Christ, husband of a beautiful wife, father of two boys, and a pastor of a very loving church family. I love to play around with websites, blogs and also love reading.