There is power in unity – Pastors in Kingston, Ontario.

Senior Pastors in Kingston

Today was one of those busy days. It started with prayers at 6:30am, school and daycare prep and then breakfast with some senior pastors in Kingston. I am always happy to see pastors in a city come together in unity. I am not in this photo because I am behind the camera. However you can see what I had for breakfast at my empty seat. There were 9 of us representing about 2000 Christians in Kingston. How I wish we can have a prayer meeting together with at least 50% of our total membership strength. Talk about praying with one accord!

So my day started very well and it went on with meeting after meeting. I had to leave a meeting at one point to pick Demi up because he had a bathroom accident and he had no extra clothes at school. We did some piano lessons from YouTube later in the afternoon. Enough of my personal business….

Me Too


Prayer – Oh Lord, let each one of your children in our city see that we are all members of one another. May we pastors continue to do what it takes to encourage brotherly love among the various members of your body across the city by build quality friendships and united prayer. Move upon us afresh as we pray and fast for our city on Sept 11 2013.  I pray in Jesus Name.




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