Tornadoes and all that is beyond our control

Today I got news about a little boy that was diagnosed with brain tumor and I thought about the last time I saw him laughing and running with his little brother not up to 3 weeks ago. Now I am told he was not able to walk or talk. All I could do was pray and ask that GOD in his mercy would turn things around for the family. I stood on the word of Christ and I rebuked the tumor and prayed that God will move upon the hearts of the people around him to make room for God to move. I prayed that the doctors would see the glory of God, that the family will experience God through this difficult time and I really wondered how the little brother would feel right now! Oh God, please let there be a way, even where there seems to be no way!

When I think about tornadoes, sicknesses like this and a million other things that are totally out of our control, I simply surrender to God and choose to be thankful for what I have in God through Christ Jesus. Today I reflected on the fact that during persecutions, some people are miraculously delivered and others are brutally killed and yet we really have no clear explanations for why things happened the way they do. In fact the same person who got a miraculous escape one time is killed the next time. The truth is;  God is infinitely wiser than us and death is not really scary when one is in Christ.

Prayer – Oh Lord, give me the grace to be always aware of your greatness and my absolute dependence on you. I stand in your name and say no to the tumor that is attacking the brain of the little boy. I know that there are more things to consider, however with the little that I know I choose to say no the the tumor and yes to life and health for him. Lord use this situation to reveal your love to his family and to those who are taking care of him. May your grace abound for all the victims of the Oklahoma tornadoes as well. As they recover, let their eyes be opened to the reality of your love for them. I pray in Jesus name.

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