Victoria Day (Take Action) – Day 2/38

My family on Victoria day 2013
My family on Victoria day 2013

Yesterday I began a 38 days – daily – blogging to celebrate 38yrs of my life.

Today started with 2hrs (Midnight to 2:00am) of sharing with a friend about his marital situation. I got up as usual at 6:15am for a phone prayer meeting that starts at 6:30am on weekdays and I went to bed after than and got up at 9:00am.

Exercise – I decided to get back on track with my workout on my Proform elliptical. We got an exercise bike as well. So now we have an elliptical which cost $30 and an exercise bike which cost $20. I have come to believe that exercise equipment can easily be found at a discount because lots of people buy them with great intentions but hardly use them and then they sell them when their life situations change. Great intentions do not always translate to success – Try to take action on one of you good intentions. Do a 30 day challenge or like me, do it for as many days as the number of years that you are old.ProForm 750 Cardio Cross Trainer

Bible Reading – Read Numbers 35, 36 and Matthew 5 – It is quite interesting to see how God was involved in the details of the lives of the people of Israel. Sometimes I wonder how a nation governed by Matthew 5 would look like. My desire is to allow Matthew 5-7 be a guide for my life and any business organisation that I am blessed to lead. Some of the instructions are quite challenging but I trust that the Holy Spirit is able to make it happen in us if we are open to it.

Playing in the park – Now you know how we spent some part of the holiday. It’s always a joy to be able to go with the boys to the park and just let them play while my darling an I talk and sometimes meet new people and minister the love of God to them. Today we did not meet any new adults. We met a little girl who was at the park without her parents.

Playing in the park

26 years old with $200 million net worth – I learned today that Yahoo is acquiring tumblr for over $1billion dollars, so I decided to read a little about the founder. It was quite interesting to find out on Forbes that he is 26years old David Karp  and worth so much. If you are still wondering if you should develop that talent, you know what to do. Imagine how effective we could be if we responded promptly to every inspiration from the Holy Spirit. I hope David knows God! Take action.

Prayer – oh Lord, please help me to always take action on every idea you lay on my heart! Make me a blessing to my generation in Jesus Name.

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