Ways by which we may learn Wisdom

confucious quote

By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is bitterest.


Wisdom is quite difficult to pin down with a simple definition and as such how to learn wisdom is also not a quick fix. We would all agree that most people consider wisdom to be a good thing. It feels good to be considered wise. How then can we increase our wisdom? How you ensure that your next action is the best one that you should take? Or how can you increase your ability to discern between good and better?

Well the answer is in the quote above? Think! Meditate! Reflect and if you don’t have enough time or material to do that you can imitate, copy, emulate a wise person or people around you. If you don’t have these then take a step with you best judgement and learn from experience. We will all learn from these 3 methods and one more – inspiration. However, the message today is that you try to make reflection and Inspiration your main teacher closely followed by imitation and then experience. There are people who reverse the order and this can be very costly.

I add inspiration to the list because reflection can be considered to be musing over facts and information already gathered but I want to point our attention to the fact that during the process of reflection and meditation, inspiration can come from God! That is to say, one can have a thought that is not necessarily part of what one has been considering or what you have studied.

Reflection takes a lot of time that is why we are not so prone to doing it. It takes time to read several books on an issue for which we need wisdom. It takes more time to reflect and think about what we have read in the light of what we have known and how it will impact our lives and the future of the universe. It takes time to compare the ideas of the experts in the field. It takes to try to view our preferred idea with what God has planned – that is what is a better choice between what I want or what is best for the universe, what will be a blessing to those around me and would stand the test of time.

Take action! Read a new book this month, listen to a podcast or watch a video that will improve your skill on any aspect of your life. It could be relationship, career, spirituality or parenting or make a note to read this blog daily! Now don’t stop there – think about a habit that you can emulate or imitate from what you read! Think about how this will affect your life if you choose to continue this habit for the next 20 years! Talk about it with the wise people around you and then start to practice it. Don’t give up, you may need to review and fine tune but don’t give up! This is how to increase wisdom!