What to do when the WORD of GOD seems to fail

I find that many of us Christians are always out to defend God. We tend to give funny and flimsy  excuses for some of the disappointments we encounter on our walk with Jesus. I would like to use this article to encourage as many people who are trusting the Lord for a miracle or are just hoping for the blessings of God to follow them and are not seeing it. If you buy a computer only to take it home and it does not work, would you keep the computer and say well maybe this is how it works? Or would you take it back and say “it’s not working and if I need to pay someone to show me how it works I will be happy to pay?”.

When the word of God seems not to be working in my life or when my experience of God does not align with scriptures, I DO NOT KEEP QUIET. It is time to do something because something is definitely not adding up. Let us not continue to act as if things are well. Lets learn to cry out for help. It pays to ask for help. Here are a list of the things I do whenever my experience is not in alignment to the word of God.

I check my heart to see if I am right with God. Could it be that I have stepped out of the plans of God? Have I decided to add a few things to the the original plan of God. From time to time as a pastor, I have heard God say to me “I did not ask you to do that.” When we take up some new activities that God has not asked us to do, things will not work the way God promised. If we are in sin, the word of God does not work (Isaiah 59). I also ask the Holy Spirit to search my heart to see if there is any sin. Many times I have had one or two things to repent of but there are times when I am not able to find anything that is off.

I check my heart to see if I really believe the word of God – How does one know whether they believe the word of God or not? Be carefully observing my actions. For example if I am not seeing the manifestation of God in healing or finances or souls being saved… I check my heart to see if I really believe that God heals today by observing my inner reactions and actions with regards to a sickness. On in the case of finance,  I observe what my inner inclinations are when I find a lack in my finances. Do I start looking for alternative ways or am I convinced that no matter how bleak the situation may look, there is a way out in God that I need to find. There are many times that I have concluded that the reason for the seeming lack of power in the word of God is that I really did not believe the word. However there are times when I know my heart is right (no sin) and my believe is right.

I continue to hold on to the word of God and ask for further instructions. This is one step that is quite difficult because there is always the enemy that tries to convince us that maybe God doesn’t want it for you. It is true that God being sovereign can choose how, when and even if to do certain things in our lives. We must remember that God always keeps His word to us. By this I mean, when we go to the Lord in prayers and God quickens a scripture in our hearts, He always comes through. So I take time out to wait on the Lord again, I review the scriptures I am holding on to and ask for specific instructions on what to do next. DO i just wait? Do I need to act in any way? Many times I find that I am greatly encouraged by reviewing the scriptures and I receive some actions that I need to take. There are times when I have been lead to give someone a call, some money, a visit, read a book. However there are times when I do not receive any new instructions.

 I continue to hold onto the word of God and give thanks until I get another instruction or a manifestation. – You know when we ask God to move according to His word, what we are really doing is ask God to align us properly so that we can receive his promise. Oh how liberating it was for me to realize that prayer changes us not God. I spend more time praying because I am being changed in the place of prayer. So I simply begin to thank God for his answers to my prayer, I think him for the word that He has quickened in my heart, I thank him for what I believe I will do once I see the manifestation of the request, and I thank God that things will all work out for God’s glory. Usually at this point, my faith is high and I am filled with inner joy.

So dear brothers ans sisters, when the word of God does not seem to be “working”, don’t keep quite. Work on it and make sure that your answer or manifestation is on the way. Our father is moved by our faith in Him not necessarily our observance of religious rituals.

Author: Ade

A passionate follower of Jesus Christ, husband of a beautiful wife, father of two boys, and a pastor of a very loving church family. I love to play around with websites, blogs and also love reading.