What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals -Henry David Thoreau

What you become by achieving your goals

It amazes me each time I ask people around me if they have written their life goals and I get an answer that sounds more or less like this – “Hmm, I did it a while ago or not really I have not done that”. You may not know how important it is to have a written set of life goals until you do it and begin to use it. In this post I present a few thoughts on why you need to have and write your goals.

What you become when you achieve your goals – When I decided to create a blog about wisdom! I really did not know what it would turn into. All I knew was that I enjoy reading about wisdom, I am constantly seeking to be better at whatever I do, I know how much wisdom I need for my daily job of mentoring people and that there may be people out there who may benefit from some of the things I have learnt over the years and I continue to learn. As soon as I decided to build this blog, I started to learn so many things about blogging, social networks and tools for building websites and more importantly I began to meet many new people who are impacting my live and challenging me. I have become a wiser person since I began to pursue this goal.

When you write your goals – You seem to be more committed to them – I remember writing on the Google doc that contains my life goals that I want to have a website where anyone who wants to learn about wisdom or be inspired to get wiser can find all that they need. Since then I have taken some steps and I continue to take steps. The interesting things is that each day as I read this line on my Life goals document, I feel I am getting a step closer and I am motivated to schedule some time during the day to add to my blog.

When you read your goals – it motivates you – Whenever I read my life goals, I am motivated to get going! I enjoy dreaming big because I know that even if I don’t achieve the goal, I would have become much more than I am now as I work hard to achieve my goals.

Focus – When you read your goals daily it helps to kill all the unnecessary time wasters that want to take your time. There are many things vying for your time. Reading your life goals will help you say NO to those things that are obviously a waste of time. I remember when I stopped spending 3hrs every night watching TV – it was not because I developed some great discipline. It was because I figured that it would be wiser to spend some time learning to make money online than to spend it watching millionaires make money on the screen. Now I watch movies or TV shows when I want which is really not so often. I enjoying working on my blog more than watching TV.

Written Life Goals help you evaluate the value of your short term goals – Many short term goals are given to us by other people around us, by circumstances and by our fears. Recently I visited a website and I found myself thinking of making some changes to my website but when I thought about my goals, I was reminded that although it was a good idea, it does not really help my goal for my website.

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. -Henry David Thoreau

Can you add more to this list? Please share your thoughts I would like to read from you.