Wonderful Sunday despite 50cm of Snow

If there is any day that would have been a dull day, it would have been today. After all the snow we had “enjoyed” all through the winter, we were “blessed” with another 50cms of snow overnight. But as God would have it, our drive way was already cleared before we had to go out and since we have underground parking, we just drove off to Church. That is after waking up a little bit late and almost much later due to the change in time.

Sunday morning service was great, we had a good time worshiping and I felt the sermon was okay (I hardly ever feel the sermon was great), but I felt that the Lord was touching all of us in different ways. And there was a word of encouragement at the end of the sermon. My friend Barth was there and he was blessed (that’s what I gathered from what he said).

As if that was not enough, someone put gas in our car (we can guess almost accurately who it was) and that was just the icing on an already great morning. You know, it came at the right time and we feel so blessed by God and I pray that God would bless the vessel He chose to use abundantly. I tell you it’s such a blessing to give and it is a blessing to receive too!!:-)

Sunday evening service was great too. We had another great time in praise and worship and the sermon was good. In fact I felt the sermon in the morning was better, but in my little experience so far, I found that God uses the sermons that I feel are not so good to bless people. It’s not about the sermon, its about the God of the sermon (thank God for that – imagine preaching without anointing!!).

The attendance today (both services) was a little lower but just a little. We had almost 80% of our regular attendance. However, we did not have any new guests this week and none of our previous guests came back (except Barth who is an active member of another church). We have had guests every Sunday this year except the first 2 Sundays.

I watched Oprah’s big give tonight. It was quite interesting and inspiring. It sure did get me thinking about how to give more (actually how to inspire people to be blessed enough to give). Another week is already rolling by, I’ve got to get my plans for the week in place before I go to bed.

Oh Lord I thank you for another day that you have made. I thank you so much. Glory to God.

Author: Ade

A passionate follower of Jesus Christ, husband of a beautiful wife, father of two boys, and a pastor of a very loving church family. I love to play around with websites, blogs and also love reading.