You are not alone! Jesus is with you!!

These are difficult days for many people all over the world, Jobs are being lost, homes are being lost, marriages are breaking down, ministries are crumbling but  the word of God for you this month is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! JESUS IS WITH YOU.  And with Jesus, you can overcome all challenges and difficulties. I know that sometimes when we look at the situation of things around us, when we consider how much time we have spent praying, when we remember for how long we have been waiting on the Lord for breakthrough, it may seem that God has forsaken us, or that He is not aware of the many things that are troubling us. However, I have a word of comfort for you this month. You are not alone. And you will never be alone because He who has promised to be with you is ever faithful. 

You may think that you have failed God, you may not have been faithful with your tithes and offerings, you may have told some lies to get to where you are now, you may even have failed your family members, your church and denied our Lord like Peter. Yet despite all these, the LORD says that He is with you and He is going to be with you until you go through this difficult time. He is always ready to help us return to our place of honour and blessing if only we realise that He has not forsaken us and we cry out for help.
For some of us, things are going great, but there is that fear that it may go bad in the future. Let this word of God for you today be loud and clear in your heart. I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS.
So what are we to do with this beautiful promise?
  1. You should not fear because GOD has got your back and things will surely end well.
  2. You should remember to ask for help from the Lord. He is with you to help you become what He created you to be. So ask for help.
  3. Every time you remember that He is with you, say a short thank you to Him for being with you. I wonder how many times in a day you will remember to say thank you. However, the more you practice this, the brighter the day will be, and the more the power of God will be revealed in your life. Do not wait until you are alone to say thanks. You can say “thank you Jesus for being with me” in your heart, while driving, while speaking to someone, in the shower, in fact you can say it any time, anywhere and as often as you want. Remember that the more you do this, the more you will remember to ask for and experience God’s power in your daily life.
Thanks for reading.  Till next month. Be Strong in the Lord.

Author: Ade

A passionate follower of Jesus Christ, husband of a beautiful wife, father of two boys, and a pastor of a very loving church family. I love to play around with websites, blogs and also love reading.