God knows your heart- Reflections on who God is – Day 15/31

God knows your heart

If we had forgotten the name of our God,
Or stretched out our hands to a foreign god,
 Would not God search this out?
For He knows the secrets of the heart. ~ Psalm 44:20-21

God knows your heart, and mine too!

In my reflection titled God sees everything, I talked about God being able to see the future about me and all the variety of choices that would be presented. In today’s reflection, I want to focus my reflection on the truth that God knows our thoughts.

God knows your heart! God knows how much you try and how much you don’t try. God knows your heart.

God knows your heart! God knows that you love Him! God knows that you love these other things more than Him.

God knows your heart! God knows that you don’t love your neighbour as yourself! God knows that the gift you gave does not mean so much to you! God knows that you want to love more! God knows your heart.

God knows your heart? You cannot hide anything from God! God knows that you are afraid, even when you are quoting those scriptures! God knows that you don’t want to give in to fear!

God knows your heart! God knows that you have been lazy these past few weeks! God knows you did not pray for members of your small-group! God knows your heart.

God knows your heart! God knows that the money you gave was because you did not want to look bad! God knows you are not giving cheerfully! God knows your heart!

God knows your heart! God knows you want to trust Him! God knows that you don’t trust Him enough. God knows your heart.

God knows you sincerely appreciate His love for you! God knows you wish others can know Him too. God knows you love yourself too much to risk being ridiculed! God knows you wish you could tell so many more people! God knows what to do to move you forward. God knows your heart.

One of my constant frustrations in life is my inability to communicate my intentions to people around me. Not that I don’t communicate my intentions, but that once in a while they don’t believe me.

People go through so many negative things in life that makes it almost impossible for them to believe that anyone has good intention for them and wants nothing in return.

Sometimes it’s just difficult for people to believe that when you did what you did, you did not mean to hurt them. It just happened that you made a mistake and it turned out wrong.

This is a great reason why I love dealing with God! He knows my heart! I don’t need to say 100 disclaimers before I talk. God knows exactly what I mean even when I don’t have the words. My sighs, my tears, my silence and my every thought are so clear to God. I love you, Lord.


Dear Lord! I surrender! You know my heart. Purify my heart, Lord. Let it be fully devoted to you! Make every thought of my heart completely acceptable unto you oh God! I ask in Jesus Name.

Lord you know my failures! I confess them to you! I need your help. I choose not to hide from you! I receive you grace and mercy today and always. I ask in Jesus Name.




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